Sunday, January 10, 2010


Sorry folks, I need to get this off of my chest...

I always thought it was rude to eavesdrop.
But I have been left no choice.
The prolific use of cell phones these days has made it impossible not to.

On a casual day I become party to plans for a birthday bash, an argument with a financial institution, a squabble with Mother, the dimensions of the room to be installed with new laminate or tonight's plans at the nightclub.

A loud and happy "Hello!" has me spinning around in the direction of the greeting only to discover the intended target is actually on the other end of a cell phone or ear-piece.

The friendly taxi driver is speaking to me then suddenly wanders off into another language and conversation. At first I thought he was talking to himself until I spied the earpiece. Our conversation had just disappeared into thin air replaced with another.

Now don't get me wrong. I am not anti-cell phone. I believe they can be a life-saver in an emergency, right up there with those On-Star devices installed in newer vehicles. I just haven't had the opportunity (thankfully) to witness that kind of conversation.

Though as a pedestrian in Victoria I was almost taken out on a crosswalk on a few occasions by drivers distracted with their conversation on their cell. Would that driver have cut their conversation short and then used their cell phone to come to my aid and call for help? I wonder about that sometimes.

I don't suffer from that here in Edmonton however. Since I discovered people here like to drive like the flames of hell are licking at their heels, I choose not to indulge in the pedestrian lifestyle as much. After 2 years of living here I understand why so many people opt for driving a Hummer.

I am not from the dark ages - someone waxing nostalgic for the 'good ol'days , I too have a cell phone. Though most of the time I struggle to remember my own number. I prefer to have people phone me at home.
I am from the mindset that if you call me and I am not home, that must mean I am busy.

My cell phone is a great alarm clock though. That little alarm function gets more of a work out then my cell minutes ever do.

I was taught that it is impolite to eavesdrop.
But I have been left with no choice... Many cell phone users speak much louder into their cell phone then they would face to face.

So, forget calling Cassie if she continues to stand you up. Go with the cream colored short shag vs the Berber. Besides, you just said they are the same price and the shag will feel softer to your feet. It's a great deal if the lights are 50% off but another week will garner you a savings of 70%. I think the Oilers will get their butt kicked in the next game, their vibe is off right now. Is that strange rash you are getting diagnosed for contagious? An RRSP loan is only good if you can support the additional debt that it will place on you without suffering financial hardship. To me it makes more sense just to get the extra money taken of each pay, at the end of the year, voila! You have your funds for an RRSP without having to have incurred more debt!


Oh, sorry ...
I thought you were talking to me...

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